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Upcoming camping trip

Not this Friday, but next Friday, the 18th, I’m going camping at the KOA campground at Lake Tahoe. We’re taking the RV and it’s going to be Sheri’s family campout, but I’m bringing Steph too. She’s shy like me so it always helps to have someone that I know. Sheri’s family likes me and I’ve met almost all of them before, plus my dad has known her for like a year so he’s probably brought me up around them more than a few times. Two of the books that I got from Grassroots’ book sale were all the rules of every card game known to man. Because of this, my dad wants me to be the game master or something so I’ll have to lead all of the card games.

Maybe I could be the dungeon master too if I learned how to play D&D. I’ve always wanted to learn how to play it, actually. I just don’t have any serious people to play with. I think there’s a swimming pool at the campsite too. Swimming with Steph is pretty great, but I always pick her up and stuff and my dad will just yell at me for touching a girl. I always try to play chicken with Naomi, but she’s too heavy to sit on my shoulders. If Steph was 100 pounds lighter then I could carry her, and she only weighs like 130.

I’m pretty sure that the only pair of goggles that I own is at my grandparents’ house, so there’s no way I’ll be able to see underwater which I hate. Another thing that I hate is when I never get paid very much cash for gold near me. After all, does everyone have to cheat me? Gamestop gives you like $9 for a game that you bought for $60. Their prices are outrageous anyway. The whole reason I brought up my camping trip is because I’m gonna do a before article and an after article. Can you guess which one this is? Maybe I’ll have tons of fun and Sheri’s family will consider me to be one of their own, who knows